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A glass should be large enough to accommodate a measure of wine, leaving the glass no more than a quarter or a third full. It the glass is too small or too full, the wine cannot be swirled around to release its aromas; and the glass cannot be tilted to view it.

A normal serving of wine would be around 90rnl/3fl oz (one-eighth of a bottle). So a glass should hold at least 270ml/9fl oz. Many glasses designed for red wines hold more. Avoid exaggerated glasses of the sort used in some restaurants where the normal measure of red wine forms a mere puddle in the bottom. These have a specialist use: they promote volatilizing of the aromas in a young wine on the large surface area but they should not be used with old, delicate wines. A large glass, but not too large, is the ideal for fine red wines. Aim for one with a capacity of 350-400ml/12-14fl oz.

The exception to the size rule is the champagne flute a tall, slender glass designed to show off the colour and bubbles of sparkling wine. It is filled three-quarters full, presenting a column of wine to be appreciated.

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