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The wine portal is a complete encyclopedia of information on wine and wine related topics. The portal emphasizes on all wine related regions of the world, companies making wine, how to choose a wine, specialty of almost every wine available etc.


Wine Regions of the world This section provides description about all the wine producing regions of the world.
History of Wine Gives details about the history of wine.
Choosing Wine This section provides with complete information as to how and where the wine was discovered and what lies behind it.
Keeping Wine This section provides you with all the secrets of storing and maturing wine.
Serving Wine Serving wine is another great deal that involves attention. Learn all about serving wine from us.
Tasting Wine Learn the art of tasting wine and maintaining the taste in your memory bank.
Wine & Food This section helps you to match wine with food. Different types of wine go with different type of food.
Making of Wine This section talks about making of the wine- as to how the wine sparkles.
Maturing Wine The oak casks affect the taste of wine matured in them, and some oak casks are better than others - know all about them.
Wine Recipes Gives you some hot recipes for making wine.
Wine Terminology Provides you with the meanings of all wine related words.
Viticulture This section provides extensive information on viticulture.
Wine Events Gives you complete information on events related to wine with dates and venues.
Wine Competitions & Awards This portal is also a source information on wine competitions & awards.
Creating Cellar Vintages Guides you as to maintain a complete wine store.
Facts & Fallacies This section discusses some facts and fallacies about wine.
Media This section provides you with real media files to take a look at the different processes.
Reading Wine Label This section teaches you to read wine labels and also showcases some of the leading wine labels.


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This wine portal is a single stop for all the people looking for information on wine and wine related issues. It is an advertising and business platform for all wine manufacturers and marketers. It is a link for all the people in the wine industry to other wine manufacturers.

We welcome you to this unique wine portal!