Vinho Verde
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The Language Of Portugal

Adamado - Sweet.

Adega - Cellar, winery

Branco - White.

Carvalho - Oak.

Clarete - Light red wine.

Colheita - Vintage.

DOC (Denominacao de Origem Controlada) - Portugal's new appellation system which replaced the old RD.

Dolce - Sweet

Engarrafado na Origem - Estate bottled

Espumante - Sparkling

Garrafeira - A wine made from one or more areas and matured for 3 year including one in bottle if red, and for one year including 6 months in bottle if white. Wines must bear a vintage date and have 0.5 per cent alcohol above the minimum. Often, the garrafeira is the "private reserve" of the merchant.

IPR (Indicacao de Proviencia Regulamentada) - The second layer of Portugal's New DOC appellation system.

Licoroso - Sweet fortified wine.

Maduro - Matured (in vat).

Quinta - Farm.

RD (Regiao Demarcada) - Now defunct appellation system, replaced by DOC.

Reserva - A wine from one or several areas from an outstanding vintage. It must contain 0.5 per cent alcohol above the minimum.

Rosado - Rose.

Seco - Dry.

Tinto - Red.

Velho - Old. Reds must be over 3 years old, whites over 2 years old before they may use the term on the label.

Verde - Young, "green" (as in Vinho Verde).

Vinho consumo - Ordinary wine

Vinho generoso - Fortified aperitif or dessert wine

Vinho de mesa - Table wine.

Vinhos Regionaos - Roughly equivalent to the French vins de pays.

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