The Art Of Elevage
Casks And The Taste Of Wine
Wines Aged In Oak
The Shape And Size Of The Cask
The Age Of The Cask
How Casks Are Made
Caring For Casks

A cask should, ideally, never be left empty: when full of wine the wood expands and leaks are cured. Empty casks must be scoured out with water before use, and disinfected with sulphur dioxide.

Old casks and vats can be "refreshed" by chipping the tartrate crystals from the inside. Sometimes casks are taken apart, the oak staves shaved, and re-built. This provides a new oak surface that mimics to some extent the properties of a new cask.

Wine regions of the world.

History of wine
Choosing Wine
Keeping Wine
Serving Wine
Tasting Wine
Wine and Food
Making of Wine
Maturing Wine
Wine Terminology
Creating A Cellar
Facts And Fallacies
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