The Taste And Touch Of The Wine
Organising A Tasting
The Act Of Tasting
How To Start
Look Of The Wine
The Smell Of The Wine
Making Notes, Judging Quality
Principal Wine Faults
The Technique Of Tasting

Watch an experienced wmetaster at work, and the process seems simple: a glance, a sniff, a sip and a spit. Then a note is made, and on to the next wine. This expertise can be acquired, as can the few "tools" needed. The photographs opposite show the process step by step.

The first stage in tasting a wine is to examine colour, then smell and finally taste. In a tasting note these would usually be described under the headings of appearance, nose and palate, followed by a conclusion.

Wine regions of the world.

History of wine
Choosing Wine
Keeping Wine
Serving Wine
Tasting Wine
Wine and Food
Making of Wine
Maturing Wine
Wine Terminology
Creating A Cellar
Facts And Fallacies
Wine Glossary
Reading Wine Label
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