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Restaurants preserve an etiquette of service which is rarely practised today at private dinners. The host is given the wine to taste (in case of a faulty bottle not to decide whether he or she likes it); then it is served to the women at table, starting on the host's right and working clockwise. Next it is the turn of the men, and finally the host. At a private meal, the host, who is usually the wine waiter as well, should discreetly taste a little of the wine before serving it to the guests. Wines at home can be corked or tainted, just as in restaurants.

When a wine is chosen to match a dish, be sure to serve it at the same time. It is a common problem in restaurants that the wine can arrive too late. It two wines are served together for guests to compare, leave a short interval between them to ensure everyone has some of the first wine before pouring the second. Always supply plenty of water at table.

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