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Glasses look impervious to taint, but they can pick up and hold smells: these can come from washing or drying or storing, and all can be easily avoided with proper care.

It is best to avoid washing wine glasses in dishwashers. An exception can be made for everyday glasses, but it is best for all wine glasses to be washed by hand, using plenty of hot water. Small amounts of mild washing-up liquid can be used if necessary, but plain hot water is best. If the glasses are washed soon after use, no detergent will be necessary.

The glasses should be rinsed straight away in plenty more clean hot water, regularly changed, and then dried while still warm and damp. Dry and polish the glasses using a clean linen or cotton cloth which itself has been well rinsed after washing. A cloth is capable of adding a detergent smell to glasses. Avoid new cloths which will leave dust and threads on the glass.

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