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The following is a temperature chart for reference

If the weather is hot, wine will rapidly reach the ambient temperature, no matter what temperature the wine was to start with. The same is true of wine placed in severely air-conditioned rooms. In a hot climate, serve wines cooler than normal. In cold weather (even if the room is warm), young red wine should not be served too chilled.

Old, precious wines need careful treatment as they may be damaged by extremes of temperature, and by temperature change. Ideally, drink whites at cellar temperature (meaning the temperature they are stored at). Let old reds warm up gently from cellar temperature.

Wines served outdoors will need extra care. Whites can be kept cool in insulated bags and boxes, or even buried in the earth. The ideal picnic spot will have a stream or pool to hand: remember to tie string round the bottle necks and tie the other end to something solid.

In boats, the coolest place will be under the floorboards, where the proximity of the sea will cool the wine. Do not neglect red wines, which can esasily become far too warm if stood in the sun. Offer them, and your guests, some shade.

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