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Drink at 5-8 years old. Classic wines which demand bottle-age to show their true quality.

White wines: the best Graves and Sauternes - only the greatest wines (Chateau d'queen etc) need longer; Vouvray and other Chenin Blanc wines from hot vintages; selection de grains nobles Alsace; top white burgundy' the best vintages of champagne.
Red wines: good but not the greates, red burgundy; great burgundies from average years; good northern Rhone wines and Chateauneuf; most bordeauxz classed growths, except from the best years and top chateaux.

The best Auslesen and above; Eiswein These can improve-sometimes for decades-but most can be drunk within their first decade.

Italy and Spain
Top barols from good vintages; the best Rioja reservas and gran reservas; the best "super" vini di tavola.

New World
Top Cabernet Sauvignons; best Australian Shiraz and Semillion.

Wine regions of the world.

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