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Drink at 1-3 years old. These wines need a brief period in bottle to settle, blend their flavours, soften acidity or tannin, and allow flavours to emerge.

White wines: good quality Muscadet; other Loire whites including Sancerre and Pouilly; Chablis; regional AOC white burgundies; most Alsace; most white bordeaux (including Graves) from non-classed growths. Non-vintage champagne gains from an extra year in bottle.
Red wines: Provence; Midi wines such as Herault and Corbieres; South-west reds such as Cahors; bordeaux from minor appellations and petits chateaux; red burgundy from normal to light vintages, and generic appellations; Beaujolais crus; Loire reds.

Most Qba wines, ecept very good vintages and top vineyards and / or producers.

Italy and Spain
Most reds except riservas/reservas' all whites; all sherry except those in Groupe Y.

New World
Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs; most red wines except those from quality areas and producers.

Wine regions of the world.

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