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Wines that must be drunk young. Their best quality is freshness; bottle-age does nothing to improve them. Drink within a year of the vintage, or within 2-3 months of purchase. Many such wines have no vintage date on the label. Wine stores with a fast turnover will sell Group Y wines that are fresh and at their best: beware stores- and restaurants-with a slow turnover of stock.

All vins de table; white vins de pays; most red classic grape varieties or named estates; Muscadet except from named estates; nouvean wines: Cotes du Rhone, whites from the South-West such as Gaillac and Bergerac; Provence white and rose wines.

Tafelwein and Landwein; brand (non-vineyard-specific)QbA wines Liebfraumilch.

Most whites except noble grape varieties.

New World
Blended or "jug" wines, white and red

South-east European whites; Vinho Verde; most Spanish whites; most rose wines; most sparking wines, except champagne, fino and manzanilla sherry.

Wine regions of the world.

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