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Under the wine law of 1978 there are four quality categories

Country Wines
Country Wines are young, intended for early drinking, and are usually blends of two grape varieties.

Varietal Wines
Varietal Wines are wines of denominated geographical origin. The reds generally have some age, the whites do not. Some, particularly the Mavrud, are sold as Premium Wines.

Special Reserve Wines
Special Reserve Wines are from selected vineyard sites, from grapes that have been carefully selected. They are made in small volumes.

Controliran Wines
Controliran Wines are made from named grape varieties in specific vineyard sites. To gain Controliran status, three consecutive vintages must be submitted to the state authority. In subsequent years the wine may be declassified if it is not up to standard. There are about 27 Controliran wines. Names include those of many of the leading wineries.
The word 'Controliran' is prominent on labels.

Reserve Wines
Reserve Wines may be from any quality category, provided that they have two years' ageing (for whites) or three for reds. Most Reserve Wines are, in practice, the better Varietal Wines.

Wine regions of the world.

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