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The Eastern Region, which takes in the whole of Bulgaria's coast, benefits from the cooling effects of the Black Sea and produces Bulgaria's best whites, including those from the Preslav and Shumen districts. There have been great improvements here in the last few years, but quality can still be unreliable.

The Preslav winery is one of Bulgaria's white wine stars. It was selected in the mid1970s to export whites to the West, and still makes the best in the country. It controls the wineries of Khan Krum and Novi Pazar, and used to include Shumen, which is now independent. Khan Krum could surpass Preslav in quality in the future. Both make good Chardonnay, of which the Reserve wines are aged in new oak.

The winery at the spa town of Burgas on the Black Sea coast has a typically Eastern Region bias towards white wines, which make up about 65% of the vineyard. The Country wines can be attractive, particularly those made from the Aligote grape.

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