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Niederosterreich (lower Austria)
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The capital is surrounded by 700ha (1,730 acres) of vines and almost all the wine is consumed locally. In the wine villages on the fringes of Vienna are dozens of Heurigen, inns where growers sell their own wines. Most of this light, racy white wine is from the last vintage, and can be of high quality, especially from top sites such as the Nussberg and Bisamberg.

Gruner Veltliner most popular grape, but there is some excellent Riesling and Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc) too. Much of the wine consumed in Heurigen is Gemischten Satz - a blend of together in the same vineyard.

Good Producers include Fuhrgassl-Huber, Johann Kattus (sparkling wines), Franz Mayer, Herbert Schilling and Fritz Wieninger.

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