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Niederosterreich (lower Austria)
Steiermark (Styria)
Wien (Vienna)

The finest wines of Styria come from here. Although the smallest area, more vines are planted here (1,561hal/3,850 acres) than in the other two regions of Styria combined. Its white wines are as prized, and as expensive, as those from the Wachau, though the Sudsteiermark wines are made in an entirely different style. The climate is harsher and prone to spring frosts and hail, and the grapes, especially if over-cropped, do not ripen easily even though they stay on the vine until late October. The wines are both delicate in structure and high in acidity. Low yields are essential to provide the
extract and concentration necessary to balance the wine, which can have vigour and elegance.

A wide range of varieties is cultivated, including Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc, known here as Klevner), Riesling, Morillon (Chardonnay), and the popular WeIschriesling, as well as Rulander, Traminer and Muskateller.

In recent years Sauvignon Blanc (formerly known as Muskat-Sylvaner) has been planted with immense success here, producing racy, grassy white wines of distinctive varietal character.

Outstanding producers are Reinhold PoIz, Wilhelm Sattler and Manfred Tement, as well as Alois Gross, LacknerTinnacher and Walter Skoff.

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