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On the other side of the lake, between its shores and Hungary, lies the Neusiedlersee region, formerly called the Seewinkel. Recent expansion around the villages of Gols, Illmitz and Apetlon has been so rapid that almost 20% of Austria's grapes are now grown here.

The same quality factors that influence Neusiedlersee-Hugelland apply here, but the soil is very different. Much of it is low-lying and sandy, and the wines are often low in acidity and thus short-lived. In warm years, vast quantities of botrytized wines are produced in the southern part of this region; quality has been mixed, but certain producers have made a determined effort. There is now an extraordinary range, including rich Chardonnay, barrique-aged Pinot Noir and racy Eiswein.

Best producers include Martin Haider (sweet wines), Gernot Heinrich, Alois Kracher (sweet), Hans Nittnaus (reds), Willi Opitz (sweet), Georg Stiegelmar and Josef Umathum (dry), and the Pannonischer Reigen and Seewinkler Impressionen groups.

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