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Niederosterreich (lower Austria)
Steiermark (Styria)
Wien (Vienna)

South of Vienna, this region is focused on the famous wine village of Gumpoldskirchen. Although only 0.5% of Austria's vineyard area, it used to be the most celebrated of all the regions. Much Gumpoldskirchen wine is made from two local grapes: Zierfandler (or Spatrot) and Rotgipfler, Blended or on their own, they give a white wine of rich, broad, spicy flavours, typically semi-sweet and strong. In the aftermath of the 1985 wine scandal a new generation of winemakers is seeking to restore the region's reputation: good Gumpoldskirchen is a memorable, individual wine.

South of Gumpoldskirchen, other areas such as Tattendorf are rapidly gaining a name for excellent red wine, though the generally nondescript and high-yielding Blauer Portugieser is still the principal grape variety. Both St-Laurent and Zweigelt (a crossing of St-Laurent with Blaufrankisch) are, when low-yielding, more interesting grapes, though they can show jammy, earthy flavours.

The best producers include Manfred Biegler, Franz Kurz and Gottfried Schellmann. (all in Gumpoldskirchen), Karl Alphart, E & C Fischer (reds), Johann Reinisch, Erich Schneider and Johann Stadlmann.

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