Regions And Producers

The country's seven main wine producing regions, and producers, are described below, Turkey's state-owned winery, Tekel, produces wines from many areas. Hosbag, a Gamay from Thrace (Trakya) is one of theirs, as is Buzbag, a powerful red made from Bogazkere grapes in Anatolia.

This region, based on the districts of Izmir, Manisa and Denizli, accounts for some 20% of Turkish wine production. Grape varieties, red: Calkarasi, Grenache, Carignan; white: Semillon.

Black Sea
Coastal region based on Corum and the Tokat Valley. Grape varieties, red: Dimrit, Sergikarasi; white: Narince, Kabarcik.

Diren A family company based in the Tokat Valley making wines of good potential. Sturdy, well?structured reds and whites, even a rose that at five years of age lacks fruit but is not oxidized. Karmen is the name of the red.

Eastern Anatolia
Wine production is centred on Elazig. Grape varieties, red: Okuzgozu, Bogazkere; white: Narince.

Mediterranean Region
Centred on Burdur. Grape variety: the red Dimrit

Winemaking is centred on the cities and regions of Ankara, Kirikkale, Neusehir, Kirsehir and Nigde. Anatolia has very severe winters and hot summers. Grape varieties, red: Kalecik Karasi, Papazkarasi, Dimrit; white: Emir, Hasandede.

Kavaklidere An old-established private winery near Ankara. One of its newest wines is called Sultan, from seedless Sultana grapes.

South-Eastern Anatolia
Centred on the districts of Gaziantep, Mardin, Urfa and Diyarbakir. Grape varieties, red: Horozkarasi; white: Dokulgen, Kabarcik

Thrace and Marmara
The heart of Turkish wine production, accounting for 40% of the whole. Centred on Tekirdag, Canakkale, Edirne, Kirklareli and Bilecik. Grape varieties, red: Papazkarasi, Adakarasi, Karaseker, Gamay, Pinot Noir; white: Yapincak, Beylerce, Semillon, Clairette, Riesling.

A private company in Thrace, near Istanbul. Villa Doluca is Turkey's most popular red. There is also a semi?sweet, slightly sparkling Moskado.

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