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Abocado - Medium-sweet.

Anejado por - Aged by.

Ano - Year.

Blanco - White.

Bodega - Wine shop, firm or cellar.

Cepa - Vine.

Clarete - Very light red.

Consejo Regulador - Official organization controlling each region's system of Denominacion de Origen.

Cosecha - Harvest vintage.

Criada por - Matured by

Crianza - A red wine with a minimum of 2 years in the barrel (6 months for whites).

Denominacion de Origen (DO) - Controlled quality wine region, equivalent to France's AOC. Every such region possesses its own quality stamp.

Denominacion de Origen Calificada (DOC) - A superior quality level, created in 1988, and confusingly similar to Italy's DOCG. So far Rioja is the only region.

Doble Pasta - A wine macerated with twice the normal proportion of grape skins to juice during fermentation.

Dulce - Sweet.

Embottellado - Bottled

Espumoso - Sparkling

Elaborado por - Made by.

Flor - Wine yeast peculiar to sherry that is vital to the development of the fino style

Garantia de Origen - Simple wines that have received little or no oak ageing.

Generoso - Fortified

Gran Reserva - The top quality level for wines. Red must have spent 2 years in oak and 3 years in bottle, or vice versa. Whites must have been aged for 4 years with at least 6 months in cask.

Granvas - Sparkling wine made by the cuve close method.

Joven - Young wine - unwooded, fresh, fruity and modern.

Nuevo - "Nouveau-style" red.

Reserva - Reds matured for a minimum of 3 years, of which at least 1 is spent in cask. Whites and rosados receive 2 years' ageing with at least 6 months in cask.

Rosado - Rose.

Seco - Dry.

Semi-seco - Medium-dry

Sin Crianza - Without wood ageing.

Solera - Traditional system of producing consistent style of sherry or Malaga whereby increasingly mature barrels are topped up-refreshed - with slightly younger wine.

Tintillo - Light red (like clarete).

Tinto - Red.

Vendimia - Harvest, vintage

Viejo - Old.

Vina/Vinedo - Vineyard.

Vino de aguja - Wine with a slight sparkle.

Vino de mesa - Table wine.

Vino de pasta - Ordinary, inexpensive wine, usually light in style.

Vino de la Tierra - Equivalent of France's vin de pays, "country wine" with some regional character.

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