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In 1973, with the introduction of the Wine of Origin system (WO), South Africa's wine lands were divided into a series of official regions, districts, wards and estates, in decreasing order of size. The whole Cape zone can use the Cape Region WO. The area of most concentrated wine production, within a 50-80km (30-50 mile) radius of Cape Town, has two main regions: Coastal and Breede River Valley. The Boberg Region appellation is used for fortified wines from parts of the Coastal Region. There are several zones that lie outside the main regions, A wine may carry the more specific appellation of a ward (a sub district) if it is made from grapes grown entirely within that ward.

The WO system emphasizes grape variety 75% minimum if a single variety is named on the label, or 85% if the wine is to be exported rather than controlling basic quality factors, such as yield, inherent in most European regulations.

South Africa's main wine producing areas are in the south west, spreading outwards from Cape Town. Further north are several isolated wine lands along the Orange River. Producers are listed by Wine of Origin (WO) zone, beginning with the most frequently encountered those nearest Cape Town.

Wine regions of the world.

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