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To supply domestic and export markets, the wine industry has both polarized and diversified. In 1992 there were only three really big producers, who between them had 85% of sales, 78% of production and 65% of exports, but there were also 163 smaller wineries. While big companies dominate the industry, smaller ones proliferate.

In this, as in so many ways, the New Zealand wine industry mirrors that of Australia. In both countries there are monoliths that dominate, but that, luckily, also offer a quality range. There are boutique wineries (small wineries where most sales are at the cellar door) that provide some of the best wines and often high-profile public relations. Between the two is a group of wineries that offers some top-quality wines in relatively large quantities. There is crossTasman investment, one of the most famous Marlborough wineries, Cloudy Bay, is run jointly with Cape Mentelle of Margaret River Region in Western Australia.

Wine regions of the world.

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