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At the end of the 19th century, California's pioneering winemaking family, the Concannons of Livermore valley persuaded the Mexican government to take advantage of the country's grape-growing potential, and introduced dozens of French vinifera grape varieties to many parts of Mexico. James Concannon left Mexico in 1904, but six years later Antonio Perelli-Minetti, who was another winemaker from California, introduced another battery of varieties as he planted hundreds of acres near Terreon. He was driven away in 1916 by the unrest following the Revolution of 1910.

However, by 1900 a large proertion of Mexico's vineyards were being blighted by phylloxera, and political problems dogged the country for many years after the Revolution. All thoughts about a wine revival had to be suspended until the early 1940s when farmers gradually began replacing their cotton crop with grapes.

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