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Prior to the ending of Communism in Hungary, winemaking standards had fallen behind what the rest of the world expected, yet the wineries are well-equipped, with up-to-date presses and vinification equipment, and the vineyards are in good heart with the right clones, and yields that are not to high. Yet however modern the winery, and however good the grapes, if they are mishandled the wines will not be up to standard - and that, all too often, has been the case. Like those of most of eastern Europe, Hungary's wine industry was wedded to quantity, while its greatest hope for the coming years lies in quality, to coas much-needed hard currency from abroad.

A new wine law to bring the wine industry in line with EC patterns investment that will really change the face of Hungarian wine. This has started with the internationally popular grape varieties; applied to Hungary's best native grapes it could produce something very special.

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