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Each area has its list of permitted grape varieties, selected in the case of zonal vins de pays from a departmental list. In some cases maxima and minima of certain varieties are laid down: a minimum of 10 or 20% of "classic" grapes is sometimes stipulated to add flavour and distinction to other, less characterful, varieties.

Yields are controlled, though at quite high levels: 80hl/ha is normal for zonal vins de pays, though some set limits of 70hl/ha. Departmental de pays allow 90hl/ha - twice yield of a top AOC.

Quite strict analytical standards reapplied: these measure the minimum natural alcohol, the volatile acidity and the sulphur dioxide levels. A sample of wine from each vat is tested. A panel then tastes each bath before registering the wine as being up to vin de pays standard.

Labelling regulations forbid the use of the words "Chateau" or "Clos" - these are thought to belong to AOC wines - but "Domaine" is allowed. Unlike most AOCs, vins de pays can be labelled with their grape variety, and this is sometimes the main name used on labels.

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